Granite worktops’ supply and demand have greatly increased in recent years, allowing for a newfound perspective of Granite worktops for interior decoration. However you shouldn’t just go along with the crowd for the sake of it, you should know what it is you are investing in and learn to appreciate its values and qualities for itself.

Here is some information that should tell you most things you could ever need to know about Granite:

Granite is a natural rock, and quarried all over the globe, basically falling under the category of ‘igneous rock’, produced via hot molten lava under layers of metamorphic rocks.

The various categories of these are ‘sedimentary rocks’, ‘metamorphic rocks’, ‘igneous (Intrusive) rocks’ and ‘igneous (extrusive) rocks’, these all have individual chemical composition. These rocks are also named because of the nature of their occurrence. There are other natural rocks that can also be used as a worktop SUCH these are Marble and Quartz, these materials along with Granite are by far the most trusted by home owners; however you can also consider synthetic worktops such as Corian or Silestone.

The price range of these Granite worktops generally encompass the area of £45 per square foot to £300 per square foot, depending on a number of factors, these include the colour, edge profiling, installation and transportation etc. If you are looking for some cheap options for Granite you can either visit a Granite warehouse or order prefabricated Granite kitchen tops. Alternatively Quartz is a cheaper option, but if you are thinking of Marble, you should bear in mind that its price point is the same as that of Granite. Overall, there is no stone as sturdy and pleasing to look upon as Granite, and for this reason 80% of construction areas and kitchen interiors use it.